Driving licences - groups C,D,E and other offers

Our driving school can offer exam preparation in other categories as well.

Our offers

Course Price
Category C - truck
(od 21 let)
14 900 apply
Car trailer B + E
(více než 750 kg)
6 000 apply
B96 car trailer
2 500 apply
Driving video lessons with book for C category
Training of drivers of clerks cat. B
350 apply
Driver training for clerks (10-15 people) 250  apply
Regular annual training of drivers of professionals C, D, E
1000 apply
Certificate of professional competence: 35 hours (5 x regular training)
6 000 apply

What do you need before you start driving

Be over 18 years old while taking final exam. According to Czech law, it is possible to start preparing for a driving license from the age of 17, but you will not be able to pass the exam until 18

Bring a medical certificate stamped and signed by your doctor. We will recommend you doctors nearby after the registration.

Your stay in Czech Republic must be at least 6 month long. You can start the course earlier, however, a stay of at least six months in the Czech Republic will be required in order for you to get a driver's license at the Pragues' Ministry of Transport.

Regulations of our driving school

If the student cannot come to the practical lesson, please inform your instructor at least 24 hours in advance. You will be given a different time.
Otherwise, a fine of 500 CZK is paid.

If the student cannot come to the exam, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance.
Otherwise, a fine of 500 CZK is paid.

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